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For vibrancy, diversity, color, beauty, and unique harbours, a trip to the multicultural Auckland, New Zealand, would be the ideal choice. Not only is it the largest city in that country, but Auckland is lined with volcanic remains amidst its lush landscapes. Visitors can’t go there for a weekend but rather a full vacation to experience a portion of the wondrous offerings that New Zealand presents. Whether a visitor chooses to stay in a hotel with a view of the harbours or the bustling city life, they will not be disappointed.

It’s not all city life in Auckland as developers have been expanding the city outwards, creating numerous beautiful suburbs. Every village is extraordinary and can be selected based on the reason for the trip, whether family-oriented, honeymoon, a group adventure, or only a laid-back type of vacation. Here is a list of the most reviewed and recommended places to stay in Auckland, all having easy access to transportation and close to the city. Some are just a ferry-ride away as well, an option that many tourists enjoy, especially if they are staying in Devonport. It’s always better to rent a car for more extended scenic trips such as wineries, but once the tours are less than 20 minutes from the city, getting transportation is always an easy feat.

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Places to Stay in Auckland For A City Vibe

  1. The Central Business District has a wide array of hotel choices for tourists who like the constant buzz of activities. There is a myriad of eating options as well, with restaurants and bars open night and day. For visitors who want to travel on foot, the city center is an excellent choice as many attractions are within walking distance of each hotel and food choices. For activities, there’s the art gallery, the lovely Aotea Square, a Maritime Museum, or a bungee jump off the Sky Tower for the adventurous traveler. Remnants of war and a volcano are also nearby.

Where to Stay

Hotel Grand Windsor is an exquisite hotel in the heart of Auckland and is suitable for families, couples, or just about anyone who desires a luxurious stay. Other highly ranked hotels are Cordis, Auckland by Langham Hospitality Group, Haka Hotel Suites, Sky City Hotel, and President Hotel, all rated eight or higher. For a budget-friendly stay, there are Haka Lodge, Piha Beach Stay, and Verandah’s Parkside and Hobson Lodge.

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  1. Parnell has a rich history as the oldest suburb in Auckland with stunning colonial mansions, well-manicured gardens and great markets, and multiple eateries. It’s right on the waterfront giving visitors access to all the best hotels. Watching sea life activities is a common pastime for many visitors and locals. Everything one could want in an Auckland vacation is handy in Parnell, a very trendy suburb. There are multiple volcanic cones to visit, art galleries, and an abundance of other outdoor activities. There is never a dull moment in Parnell without the chaos of city life.

Where to Stay

Bachcare Holiday Homes offer a spa-like feel, while other top choices are The hotel Britomart, Quest Parnell, The Parnell Hotel and Conference, and Ascot Parnell Boutique B&B.

  1. Takapuna is a coastal suburb with lovely beaches. For people who plan to spend a lot of time on a nice beach, that’s the ideal area to stay. The hotels are practically on the beach. There are great food options, as well.

Where to Stay

Emerald Inn on Takapuna Beach is an attractive hotel along with, The Spencer on Byron, Hilton Auckland, and Park Hyatt.

  1. Devonport is a historic North Shore town in which visitors and locals alike take the ferry to visit. Cleanliness and safety are noticeable upon arrival, followed by the slew of boutiques, beautiful beaches, and fantastic art galleries. This isn’t the most favorable option for families as the beaches are safe and generally quieter than the business district.

Where to Stay

Airedale Boutique Suites is, as the name suggests, lovely. Other top choices are Hilton Auckland, Andelin Guest House, and Ascot Parnell Boutique B&B.

  1. Grey Lynn is on the edge of the city with many eating options but only a few attractions. For people who want a friendly vibe without the business feel and affordable lodgings.

Where to Stay

Hotel Fitzroy Curated by Fable is quite an enchanting property rated five stars. Other nearby hotels are Airedale Boutique Suites, Park Hyatt, and The Surrey Hotel.

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  1. Ponsonby is the place for nightlife excitement with its classy setting, boutique hotels, fancy shopping district, trendy dining, and loads of fun. It’s a suburb that has beautiful beaches and easy transportation.

Where to Stay

Franklin38 is breathtakingly beautiful and is rated five stars. Other excellent and affordable hotels rated higher than four stars are Ponsonby Manor, The Great Ponsonby Arthotel, Emira Palms Resort and Spa, and St Mary’s Hotel.

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7.Orewa is another decent option for visitors who desire a more rustic country or rural vibe. It’s about half an hour from the city center but well worth it if you prefer elegant hotels in a more quiet zone. Visitors can watch surfers or choose to indulge. Kite lovers will have a whale of time kite surfing there as well. For those who crave oneness with nature, there is a vast vineyard plus areas to take hiking trips.

Orewa, despite the distance from the harbor, is very popular throughout the year. Therefore it’s best to plan a trip to that area months.

Where to Stay

Whangaparaoa Lodge offers a picturesque view of the gulf; then there’s Villa Orewa, Orewa Beachcomber, Waves Motel and Boathouse Row, and many other great options.


Wherever a visitor chooses to stay, there are always great accommodations. Even the budget-friendly hotels have good ratings. Activities are a dime a dozen, and there is still transportation to get tourists to their desired sightseeing venture.


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