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Auckland is among the largest capitals in New Zealand. It is situated in the Northern Island of New Zealand. It is turning to be one of the favourite foodie destinations in the world thanks to the increasing number of revellers and restaurateurs in the city.

Today, Auckland boasts of the ever-expanding varieties of fine dining establishments. This makes it difficult for one to decide where to eat when in Auckland. Here is a guide to help you settle for the best dining place when visiting Auckland city.

Federal Delicatessen

This is a unique restaurant situated in Auckland city Central Business District on 86 Federal Street. It offers traditional New York and Jewish flavours. It is best when looking to have dinner or lunch. Included in the menus, you will find classic meals, soups, desserts, sandwiches and milkshakes.

Within Auckland’s CBD, the place is notable for offering coffee refills. So if you are looking to have dinner and later on enjoy coffee with your spouse, this is the right place to be. When visiting on Sundays, you can try the halloumi salad; it’s a perfect alternative for the traditional deli.

The restaurant also has a special menu for people who have dietary restrictions. In this case, you should let the hostess know your case, and you will be presented with a special menu.

The hotel is run by a prominent New Zealand chef Al Brown.


Masu Restaurant

A beautiful Japanese restaurant that is located within the CBD, on address 90 Federal Street. This restaurant offers high-end robata-style meals that are made for sharing. It also has a sushi bar that has few items on their menu. Masu restaurant is unique for allowing customers to create their own soju. Shoju is a clear alcoholic drink that is prepared through distillation.

While the restaurant offers food that is shared, they also cater for people with special diet needs. They have a gluten-free menu and staff who are on the alert to avoid contaminating gluten-free plates with gluten.

The restaurant is open on weekdays, weekends and public holidays. The facility offers private and semi-private dining room. It is a high-end eating place for those who love eating Japanese meals. It is notable for offering spicy crayfish, grilled lamb cutlets and the black cod among other meals.

masu restaurant

The Mexican Café

Located on 67 Victoria Street West within Auckland CBD, just across the road from SKYCITY. It is home to the best Mexican food and tequila cocktails in Auckland. The restaurant has been in operations since 1983.

Lunch hour starts at 12 noon and ends at 4.00 pm. It has a happy hour program that runs from 5 to 7 pm daily. During this program, you can enjoy garlic bread for as low as $4, nachos at $8.50, fish & prawn each at $6 and chicken & beef at $5. They serve wine at $65 a glass, a margarita at $9 a glass and tequila at $5 a shot. Designated drivers are served with soft drinks. For Latin music lovers, you can enjoy the music and salsa dance every Friday from 10.30 pm; the restaurant is converted to a salsa dance club.

If you are visiting Auckland as a group, the Mexican café allows table booking for at least 8 people. The reservation can be made online.

mexican caffee

Auckland Harbour Dinner Cruise

Have you ever imagined having your dinner while sailing? It seems to be a fascinating way of winding up your day. Enjoy your dinner while sailing on the Waitemata Harbour. The dinner cruise takes around two and a half hours; you will be served with welcome drinks of your choice before the main meal. For the meals, there are options for vegetarians, gluten-free and tolerant, dairy-free and tolerant.

When planning for a dinner cruise while in Auckland, remember to put on flat shoes, carry a jacket and dress according to the weather. Bookings are available online.

Auckland cruise

Paradise Restaurant

If you are on a budget holiday, you should consider taking your meals from Paradise restaurant. It is in the centre of Auckland’s Little India. The restaurant offers affordable biryani and exceptional curries. The restaurant also offers spiced grilled meat and fresh naan.

The restaurant prepares a mixture of eggplant and tamarind which brings out an excellent curry. For those who are in need, the restaurant offers them free meals.

paradise restaurant

Factors to Consider When Settling for a restaurant in Auckland

When you are new in Auckland, there are several factors that you should look at before settling for a restaurant.

  • Your budget: How much are you willing to spend on your meals and drinks? There are different prices for every meal and drink that you may want to take when in Auckland. There are cost-friendly restaurants, and some are high-end. While looking at your budget, you should also be keen on other factors less go for poor quality food.
  • Accessibility: If you are visiting Auckland city for business, how close is your preferred restaurant from where you are meeting your business associates? Also, check on the state of the road to the restaurant. You can also look at whether the restaurant is ideal for your purpose of visiting. If you are a smoker, does it have a designated place for smokers?
  • Reviews of the restaurant: Online reviews are a major determinant of the restaurant you are going to settle for. You don’t want to dine from a restaurant that is known for offering poor quality services. How the hostess handles their clients determines the quality of their services and food.
  • Types of meals served in the restaurant: If you are looking for Mexican cuisines, you need to search for a restaurant that is known for such. While most restaurants may prepare a variety of cuisines, it is good to choose one that is famous for a particular one. Are you on a special diet? You need to know which restaurant in Auckland prepares gluten-free meals and which one does not.

Auckland city is a holiday destination, with trendy restaurants coming up and others already in existence, you will not miss a place to dine with your friends. The points above should guide you in choosing the best dining place.



  1. I’ve been to Auckland once some years ago and have been itching to get back! I’m really interested in the dinner cruise!


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