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Auckland is one of the places that you should consider visiting when in New Zealand. There are all the amazing features that you can imagine having when on vacation. Whether you are looking for adventures or other interesting things to do when on vacation, there is the whole package for you in Auckland. You can enjoy it at any time of the day and even when you have kids with you. By the time you finish your vacation, you will realize that every amount you spend here is worth it. Below are some of the areas that you shall see, and you should strive to visit when in Auckland.

Visit Auckland Sky Tower for Sky Jumping and Sky-Walking

If you love adventures that make you want to take risks, make sure that you visit the Auckland Sky Towers for such awesome moments. Here, there is the New Zealand Sky Tower, which is the highest building in New Zealand. There is a narrow platform that is about 192m above the ground, which you can walk around to see breath-taking features of the regions surrounding. You can also sky jump from this tall building to another. This is one of the most memorable moments you will have in life since there is only a thin wire between you and the ground.

sky tower

See Wildlife

For wildlife lovers, consider visiting Auckland and see some of your favorite animals. Marine animals are among those which you are almost assured to come across. You can visit Goat Island, and you will find innumerable colorful fish at the shore. This is an amazing place to visit, especially when kids are part of your trip. Ensure that you get to Ambury Regional Park, where you shall see the beautiful animals.

goat Island

Additionally, you can get a chance to feed these animals and, more so, the lambs. This is an amazing place to visit when you are on a budget since there are no charges. You will also love other exotic animals at the Auckland zoo.

Have Dinner at The Night Market

When you visit Auckland for some days, ensure that you are not always indoors for all the nights. The night in Auckland is lovely, and some of the things you will love here are night markets. There are many delicious dishes from around the world which you will enjoy. Additionally, there is jewelry, plus arts, crafts, and designs from different parts of the world that you will love. This provides you with various options to go for when looking for a souvenir for yourself or someone back home.

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night market

Excellent Pampering Opportunities

A vacation is not worth that name if you do not get a chance to relax and get rid of the stress and tiredness that you have on a normal day. That is why you should make sure you take some time for self-pampering. Luckily, this chance is available for you in the various facilities available if you are in Auckland. For instance, there is cool facial treatment and luxurious spas worth every amount you invested in them. You can also decide to pamper yourself in quality bars where you can get some of the best products in the world. Therefore, budget some extra amount when visiting Auckland and ensure that you visit these incredible places.

Do Some Cycling Around the City

Since you are on vacation to have fun, everything you do on this vacation, including exercises, should be fun. One of the best exercises that you can do is such as cycling around the city. There are several viewpoints in the city where you can cycle and enjoy beautiful and adventurous scenes. These scenes have fresh air, which you can stop and enjoy for a while as you continue with your journey. Since there are several mountain bikes trails in the region, you can use these to have undisrupted cycling.

See The World’s Best Penguin Collection

Are you a penguin lover? If yes, make sure you do not leave Auckland before you see these penguins. The Spiny Sea Dragons, which is the biggest species of penguins globally, is found in Auckland. Visit SEA LIFE Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium and see these colorful species. You can go visit the penguins at feeding time and feed them. Additionally, you can have a better experience by booking a shark dive.


Take A Walk in The Tracks

There are many walking tracks in Auckland that you will love walking in. Therefore, select one of the many walking tracks in Auckland and spend time there. If you love challenging hikes, some tracks will give you this experience in Auckland. On the other hand, you will also find short and easy trails in Auckland that you will also enjoy.

Visit A Lighthouse

If you only read about the lighthouse in books and have never been in one, ensure that you visit it when visiting Auckland. On the tip of Awhitu Peninsula is a restored Manakau Heads Lighthouse. This is one of the few lighthouses that you can go up to the top of it. There are fantastic views here which will also give you exciting adventures. These lighthouses are open from 9 AM to 5 PM. There is no entrance fee that you pay when going in. However, a small donation is highly appreciated.


Enjoy The Waters

One of the characteristics of the people living in Auckland is that they are water lovers. Therefore, if you enjoy spending time in or around water, you will love the various features available here. For instance, there is the Waitemata Harbour, which has boats of different shapes and sizes. You will love watching these boats sail by. Additionally, if you have your young ones with you, there is a marine play space where they can play. This is also an ideal place to visit when you are on a budget since there are no charges.


Selecting the destination for your next vacation is not a walk in the park. This is because you need to ensure that you select a place within your budget, and that will help you take a break from your usual busy life. Auckland is one of these places that has everything you could be looking for in a vacation location. Above are some of the places and things that you need to ensure you do when visiting Auckland.

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    1. Yes Jenisha, the Sky Tower is not for the faint hearted. Auckland is definitely a great place to visit!
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  1. I can’t believe I finally found the sky walking place! I think I saw this on YouTube but I could never find where it was! So glad I read this blog post because it’s definitely going on my bucket list.

  2. My wife and I would really love to visit New Zealand someday. This will be helpful in creating itinerary in the future.

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