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The island is a 92 kilometer squared island and is just a 35 mintues ferry ride from New Zealand largest city Auckland town. It is a super popular destination and an absolute must-visit. It is famous for its award-winning winery and beautiful vineyards, olive groves, prime forest, and beaches in a maritime climate.

It’s an island that has been considered a paradise for years because of everything that it offers tourists and visitors. From Matiatia Bay to the Onetangi Reserve, the island has something for everyone. You can choose to either stay on the island or commute between the island and Auckland by ferry if you don’t want to pay the prices of staying on the island. Let me tell you what to do in Waiheke Island.

Waiheke Island is rated one of the top island escapes globally, and the climate is ideal for growing grapes, so it is full of bars and fantastic restaurants. These are some of the things the island has to offer:

1. Zip-lining with EcoZip

Get the thrill of a fox zip line with three jewels zip lines, each different and unique from the other. A stunning track of the native forest where zip-lined one whizzes you across the vineyards, and second serves across the New Zealand forest canopy and down into the bush.

The last takes you to the far side, where you enjoy bird views during your walk back, along the premier native forest. All possible by EcoZip adventure, with a focus on clients safety and the zip line, offers impressive views of Auckland’s at speeds of above 50 km per hour on the 200-meter dual line.

eco zip
Eco zip

2. Horse Riding

The island has fantastic pristine countryside, and a perfect way to embrace all his beauty is on horseback. Ridding offers stunning scenery without getting tired or losing the thrill out of the surrounding.

It helps you appreciate the fine thing the island has to offer, you can hire a horse as they are well kept and you get a chance to see different views from beach rides, rolling farm scenery, ancient native flora, among other places.

3.Visit the market and enjoy the fair events

The island has an iconic Ostend market with diverse, friendly, and vibrant creative locals, a fun place for all ages. If you are in the mood for a tasty bite, gifts, or art, it is an excellent place to be and meet friends.

You can chat with the locals on a warm cup of coffee, take the kids on a variety of fun activities for all. The fair hosts various; games, a community zero-waste initiative where anyone can take part, music and band competitions, among a few must-visit when you take a Waiheke Island tour.

4.Hire bike

Waiheke Island offers several bikes for hire services like the e-bike. It can be an ideal way to see the island if you are on a tight budget, help cover a wide area quickly, and make your experience easier by eliminating rocky hills without much exertion.

If you are a cycling lover, this can be the right choice to check out what the island offers with a route plan of hills’ cycling trails. The Rangihoua Mountain Bike trails and sees the island’s fantastic views with its eight tracks easy to professionals on a distance of 8km.

5.Kayaking or SUP

It is a fantastic way to enjoy nature and get some excess will if you are into water sport, the island beaches offer various sports activities. Also, there are sea kayak tours to help you get the basics if you are new and help guide you along the Island beaches.

These are a couple of popular places the tour guide can take you to experience the sea along the coast in group trips, guided sunset, and moonlight invigoration still will be kayaking and get the adventure of a lifetime.

6.Tour Olive grove

Other than grape pants, olives are iconic to the island and a wonderful experience to visit. The Rangihoua Estate has been operating since the 1997s, and the farm has an olive grove that has produced award-winning olive oils in New Zealand.

You can schedule a tour around the olive grove any day of the week and get to learn more about the plant and get to have some simple tasting of fresh olive oil. The plantation has become a significant tourist destination for all visiting the island.

7.Explore Whakanewha National Park

The park offers vast natural beauty and a historic site located on the South side of the island and home to some uncommon birds like the tui, kereru, fantail, silvereye, piwakawaka, and grey warbler that one can explore among the historical Maori Pa and old European settlements.

There is a campground along the rocky bay where you can spot the kingfishers, blue reef heron, little shags, pied stilt, and the white-fronted terns. The Whakanewha national park could be a significant stop if you were to visit the island.


8. Enjoy the beaches

The island is filled with stunningly beautiful beaches and has been a significant attraction for most people. There are many great beaches for one to settle on, as each one has its unique features from Oneroa Bay, Enclosure Bay, Sandy Bay, Onetangi Beach, Man O War Bay and others.

The beaches are ideal for relaxing stunning sea scenery with birds around and an excellent way to enjoy the sun while appreciating nature. The beach is full of fun activities for you to take part in or relax and fine dining with a fantastic wine selection that Waiheke Island has to offer.

What vacation would be complete without a trip to the beach? 

Oneroa Beach is the premier beach and with tons of things to do like parasailing and boating, it creates a beautiful atmosphere for anyone looking to get away. 

Oneroa Beach is a safe beach that you can hire a tour guide to show you around at. We had ice cream and took a lovely walk around the beach which created a beautiful time for the both of us. 

The rock formations on the beach are like no other and the views you’ll find at Oneroa Beach will blow your mind. If you’re looking for a beach experience that’s different from almost any other beach, but still beautiful and warm. Some people can’t go on vacation without visiting the beach and if you’re one of those people. 

9. Visit the sculpture park and art galleries

The local artists have an incredible showcase of sculptures and other artworks displayed at the Connel Bay, where one gets to experience and appreciate both nature and art. You can receive a site view by booking to get a guide to walk you through.

It offers contemporary art, thus gets to experience it with surrounding nature. You can also find artwork worth visiting in the market like the [Space] art gallery, TOI Gallery, and the Waiheke Community Art Gallery and meet various sculptors and artists.


10.Wine tasting

Waiheke island has an award-winning winery of more than thirty in operation across the island with a favorable climate and alluvial soils suitable for growing grapes. If you are looking for an aesthetic wine tasting or just a wine lover, you are in the right place.

The island has Cellar Door like the Nockie’s Palette & Stoneridge, Mudbbrick, and Cable Bay. You can visit for a glass of wine among a few tasting experiences in a relaxing environment and other fine dining activities, and a must-visit if you are ever on Waiheke Island.

One of my favourite winery is: 

Tantalus Estate Vineyard & Winery offers fine dining that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. It’s a vineyard that also offers a wine club you can join.

Tantalus Estate Vineyard & Winery was established in 1998 when the vineyard was planted and ever since has been producing some of the tastiest and best wine there is. Tantalus Estate Vineyard & Winery is considered one of New Zealand’s premium vineyards. The actual estate wasn’t founded until 2013 and covers a massive area of land. Tantalus Estate Vineyard & Winery has been the home of countless weddings and beautiful events because of its atmosphere, scenery and wine.

Tantalus Estate Vineyard & Winery has restaurants that shouldn’t be overlooked either. If you’re a traveler who is looking to have a beautiful night out with amazing food and even better wine, Tantalus Estate Vineyard & Winery is the spot where you’re going to find everything you need. 

tantalus estate
tantalus estate
tantalus estate


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