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Taupo is located on New Zealand’s North islands. Outdoor enthusiasts aren’t the only ones who add Taupo to their list of places to visit in Taupo. People who are mesmerized by the mysterious Crater of the Moon, or those who are eager to investigate a secluded beach for an afternoon also love to go to Taupo. Artists, historians, thrill seekers, and everyday folk who love to have some fun in the sun are also eager to see the sights when they’re visiting Taupo, New Zealand.

Maori Rock Carvings

You may want to carve out a place in your schedule to visit Maori Rock Carvings when you travel to Lake Taupo, New Zealand. Absolutely beautiful, Matahi Brightwell is the talented artist who created this work of art in 1976. Only accessible by boat, whether you travel via a cruise ship, a kayak or canoe, or choose to travel by sailboat, you definitely want to add this to your list of things to see when you visit Lake Taupo.

The rock carving took Matahi Brightwell 4 years to create. His inspiration came from his grandmother who asked him to carve a picture on a totara tree in memory of a long ago ancestor named Ngatoroirangi but he couldn’t find one so he carved it in Mine Bay’s alcove of rocks that tower above Lake Taupo. As you see it, you’ll understand why he couldn’t create the carving alone, so he enlisted the help of 4 other artists. Don’t leave this trip off your list as it is a very interesting exhibit.

taupo carving rock

Maori Rock Carving Boat Cruise

The Maori Rock Carving Boat Cruise is a 1.5 hour cruise with free wi fi, free beverages, and a bar if you would like to purchase an alcoholic beverage.

Boat cruises are the most comfortable way to visit the Maori Rock Carvings on Lake Taupo. Bring along your camera for fantastic photos of this amazing display of art, and in the warm summer months, you may want to bring along your bathing suit and a towel. If it’s cool outside, a sweater will do.

If you would rather try a sailing cruise, a knowledgeable skipper will show you the Maori Rock Carvings. The skipper will share his knowledge of the history of the rock carvings.

The sailing yacht cruises are 2 1/2 hours long and beverages are on the house. Don’t forget to ask about special combo packages to save money. You may want to combine a tandem skydiving experience with your sailing cruise.

taupo rock carving

The Tandem SkyDiving Experience

Thrill seekers, you may love to try tandem skydiving from 18,500 ft. in the air, or for someone who wants to scratch off a bucket list achievement but you’re not quite so brave, a 9,000 ft. skydiving experience is somewhat calmer. Of course combo packages are available, as are birthday specials and video packages.

Birthday specials and camera and video packages can be ordered online or on the phone when you book your trip to Taupo.

Who wouldn’t want to have a video of the most thrilling experience you’ll ever have in your life?

Be sure to check out each of the Tandem SkyDiving Experiences, the specials, and the discounts that are available when you’re spending your vacation in Taupo, New Zealand.

skydive taupo

Huka Falls Lookout and Huka Falls

Wear your comfortable walking shoes if you spend some time at Huka Falls Lookout because it takes about 15 minutes to get there by foot.

Visitors recommend going to the Lookout before going to the falls to gain a better perspective of just how amazing they are. Your senses will come alive as the powerful Huka Falls brilliant colours shine through the intense rays of the sun.

There is a small cafe if you plan to stay for lunch, and there are plenty of places to park. You will want to share your experience with family and friends when you get home so don’t leave your camera behind.

The Huka Falls Lookout closes at 6:30 PM so you may want to make a slot in your schedule for a morning trip.

huka falls taupo

Huka Jet Boat Experience

A Huka jet boat experience is an exhilarating half hour jet boat ride for up to 14 people.

It takes you right up to the base of Huka Falls for the absolute best view. If you love the thrill of a fast, heart racing experience, the Huka Jet Boat Experience is an exciting way to see the majestic waterfalls; one you probably won’t ever forget.

Combo specials are a great way to save money so if you want to visit the Maori Rock Carving, a Maori Rock Carving Boat Cruise is a fantastic way to see it, or for an amazing view of Huka Falls from the sky, and you’re really feeling brave, you may want to go Tandem SkyDiving.

Huka jet
Huka Jet

The Crater of the Moon

The Crater of the Moon is a geothermal area that creates a mysterious aura in Taupo’s volcanic zone where real life crater eruptions lie.

You’ll notice many bright, vibrant colours and vents of steam rising from the earth on a sunny afternoon so check the weather report before you go so you don’t miss out, and don’t forget to take along your camera.

In the 1920’s The Crater of the Moon became a tourist attraction known as The Blowhole, otherwise labeled The Safety Valve of the North Island. If you are planning a visit you may want to learn more about it by reading The Impression of the Trip, published in 1927.

Smelling of sulphur and situated on a warm clay-like surface, The Crater of the Moon is not a luxurious hot spring to enjoy bathing in. You’ll see very little vegetation here; it is an area of fumaroles and soft muddy clay.

The craters are really eruptions resulting in high pressure areas of steam below the surface of the ground that erode and burst forth in the air that leave behind the craters that you see when you visit The Crater of the Moon.

These eruptions take place only once each year. The whole area will remind you of photos you may have seen of the moon.

crater of the moon

Huka Prawn Park

There’s something for everyone in the family to enjoy at Huka Prawn Park.

Favourite activities include aqua trikes, water cannon battles, pedal boats, and paddle boards. Enjoy a hike down an interactive trail and check out the many other fun things to do at Huka Prawn Park. Even grandma and grandpa will enjoy a day here.

While you’re here you can enjoy a picnic lunch or dine at the Huka Prawn Park’s restaurant. This great park is a wonderful place to come and splash around in the water, getting wet and getting everyone else wet.

Overall, it’s a young kids and a grown up kids playground in the water.

huka prawn park

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  1. This looks an amazing place to visit! The rock carvings are incredible and a boat trip to them sounds like a brilliant day. New Zealand isn’t somewhere I’ve had chance to go yet but I’ll be adding this to my list! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Oh wow. I am dying to go to New Zealand (think they will ever open up for tourism again? *pout*) . I also haven’t heard of this area, but I am sold on it! Especially the boat ride to see the Maori rock carvings. It looks like a movie set!

    1. Hey there Kristen! Thank you for taking the time to comment. Tourism will definitely open up again as the New Zealand economy relies on it. I guess it is just a matter of time once we have all got through this pandemic. Taupo is such a spectacular place. My partner and I were actually lucky enough to live there for 8 months and we never got sick of seeing the beauty! Cant wait to go back!

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