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Rotorua is this wonderful little city on the southern shores of the lake Rotorua that it was named after, in the Bay of Plenty region within New Zealand’s North island. It has an estimated population of around 58,500 people, making it the regions’ 2nd largest urban area.

That being said, Rotorua attractions one of the main reasons people love this city is because it has domestic and international tourist attractions! There are a number of fantastic and amazing things you can discover in the city.

Take for example the dazzling night lights of Eat Street! There are about a dozen or so restaurants and bars, a fancy nightclub, and an iconic ice cream parlor all in one area of the city that is as long as a city block! 

Eat Street has these enormous covered walkways which is the central focal point for all of the nice and fancy dining areas. With that covered walkway, this makes it also weather proofed and ideal for entertaining tourists all year. 

The footpaths are all thermally heated and the lighting is also enhanced to give this place such a unique and excellently vibrant dining mood.

eat street

Another excellent place to visit is the Rainbow mountain. Open to only uphill mountain bike riders, the Rainbow Mountain’s Summit Track is an integral part of a fantastic and local mountain bike riding loop.

To start, ride on the Te Ara Ahi Trail from the nearby car park on SH 5, or at Te Ranga, or Kerosene Creek. From there, you ride uphill on Te Tihi O Ruru and then you descend on Te Ranga, which is a grade 4 advanced downhill mountain bike only track.

Keep in mind that this is a shared use track. Be sure to follow the mountain bikers code, which is to respect others, respect the rules and ultimately respect the track.

Rainbow Mountain sits just 26 km southeast of the city of Rotorua, beside the Rotorua Taupo highway. If you are approaching from Rotorua, the carpark is seated just past the turnoff for the Murupara or Waikeremoana highway, just right there on the left-hand side of the road.

Cyclists and mountain bikers can easily reach Rainbow Mountain by simply following Te Ara Ahi, which is a 66 kilometer section of the New Zealand Cycle Trail that also includes the Rainbow Mountain Scenic Reserve.

rainbow mountain

Remember the following! While in places on this famous track, there are cliff edges and rather high drop offs, and thermal areas are rapidly changeable by nature, so stay behind the barriers, keep on to the track, and please keep children safe.

Get a complete 360 degree view over the region, after climbing Rainbow Mountain summit Track.


-Walking and Tramping (1hour 30min one way)

 Advanced: tramping track

-Mountain biking

 Advanced: Grade 4

-No dogs

Another exciting area of Rotorua is the Rotorua Canopy Tours!

These experienced and passionate guides have continued to deliver over twelve thousand tours and zipped over fourteen million and four hundred thousand meters of ziplining fun!

These tours have been voted as one of the top 10 experiences you can have while visiting in the South Pacific, not only in 2019 but also in 2020 by popular traveling platform Tripadvisor.

These tours have been attributed to restoring 220 hectares of their native forests to a pre-human existence quality and they have donated money for every individual that comes along on one of their Canopy Tours.

These tours have accrued over five thousand reviews on TripAdvisor, and at least 97% of those reviews are 5 stars.


The home of New Zealand’s only cliff walk!

And you personally will be walking over 50 meters directly above the forest floor itself!

It is the only place in the whole world that you can stand 22 meters up a 1000 year old tree. Not to mention that there are over two and a half kilometers of exhilarating ziplines, the most out of any zipline course in the nation.

If something more relaxing is your cup of tea, then look no further than the Waikite Valley Thermal Pools!

The Waikite Valley Thermal Pools are a unique place to visit and enjoy the waters of the Te Manaroa Spring!

This spring is the largest single source of one hundred percent pure geothermal water in all of New Zealand.

The pure and lovely spring water cascades into their hot pool complexes with a choice of 6 unique bathing options, all provided in a natural setting and with their pool temperatures ranging between thirty five and forty degrees Celsius.

Treat yourself to their private spa, with lush and tranquil native bush, and the geothermal valley outlook alongside these elegant individual temperature controls.

Price: Nz$

Adults – $20.00
Children (5- 15 Years) – $11.00
Under 5 Years – $3.00
Spectators/ Eco-Trail – $3.00
Family Concession (2 adults and 2 children) – $53.00

hot pool

Enjoy their short family friendly walking trail to the gorgeous and bubbling Te Manaroa Spring, the prime source of their pure geothermal water. Discover the unique geothermal botany and the intricate geology unique to this area. Stay at their 26 Site Campground with both powered and unpowered locales, shower, kitchen and even laundry facilities with unlimited access to the lovely pool complex.

Their on site cafe serves an excellent snack menu, coffee ,a healthy selection of beer and wine, cold soft drinks and delicious ice cream from 12 to 6pm daily, with both a host of indoor and outdoor seating arrangements that are overlooking the lovely pool complex and the valley.

There are a multitude of reasons for visiting New Zealand and the inviting city of Rotorua. Stopping into one or more locales listed here is only a fraction of what immense discovery and excitement awaits you here! 

There are excellent museums, wonderful restaurants, and a plethora of lush forestry and animals. 

Rotorua is just one stop on a lifetime’s worth of exploration and excitement for anyone interested in travelling to this wonderful island.



  1. I am travelling to New Zealand at the end of the year. Rotorua is now on my list of places to visit on my NZ trip.

  2. We had hoped to travel to Rotorua on our previous trip to NZ, but it was just a little too far away from Wellington for the amount of time we had to spend in country.

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