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Napier tourist attractions in New Zealand.

Napier is a city in New Zealand located on the coast at a place called Hawkes bay. Hawkes bay is the local government that manages this region. According to 2019 statistics, Napier had a population of approximately 65,200. It has several tourist attractions which bring a lot of revenue to the government. Apart from tourism, Hawkes bay region people also plant grapes and apples mainly for export purposes.

Due to its attraction sites, Napier is the most photographed city in the country and has tourists from all over the world. The city is rich in history, from how people came and settled there to the present day. The city has an oceanic climate that is relatively warm, making it favorable for touring while you enjoy the cool breezes and sunshine. The following are some of the tourist attractions in the city.

1.National Aquarium of New Zealand

2.Bluff Hill lookout

3.Art deco

4.Otatara pa

5.Sunken Garden

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1. National aquarium of New Zealand

The national aquarium was founded in 1957, which was known as Napier aquarium before it was moved to its current location in 1976 and renamed. It is owned and managed by the Napier local government. During the first five years of its operation, the aquarium received more than 750,000 visitors locally and internationally. In 2002 the national aquarium was renovated to hold a capacity of 1.5 million liters of water and was officially opened by Prime Minister Helen Clark.

The national aquarium is home to many animals from freshwater, saltwater and also land animals from all over the world. This home has more than 100 species of land and water animals. As a visitor, you will have fun feeding some of these animals. Some of these animals include; lizards, little penguins, kiwi, tuatara, and various fishes, both small and large. The kiwi, little penguins and tuatara are some of the precious species in New Zealand.

You will also have an opportunity to experience the coral reef with its fantastic colors. For your love of reptiles and amphibians, you are covered because you will see the water dragons as they climb rocks. In the east coast lab, you will learn about earthquakes, tsunami and volcanic eruptions that have occurred and how they occurred. You will have fun and at the same time grow scientifically.

Aqvarium Napier

2. Bluff Hill lookout

Take your adventure to the next level by walking through this walkway for amazing views of the bluff harbour. You will have a clear picture of the seaport to see the ship’s graveyard and some of the historical landmarks. You can use several walkways to experience a great view of the bluff hill lookout. They include;

(a)Foveaux walkway. You can access it from the top of the bluff hill. Remember, no dogs are allowed on this path.

(b)Glory track. It’s approximately 50 minutes when you start from Gunpit road access to Stirling point.

(c) Millennium track. It has several routes around the bluff hill.

(d)Topuni track. It only takes you 45 minutes using this path to climb up the hill passing through the light forest.

The bluff hill lookout will give adventurous fun as you bond with nature and experience a clear, fantastic view of the ocean.


3. Art Deco

In 1931 an earthquake and fire occurred in New Zealand that destroyed the properties and devastated people for more than two years. There was a significant loss and many lives were lost. The country was also hit economically. But later after this natural disaster, a new city was born. The Napier city is recognized globally for its art deco buildings, which have unique styles of the 1930s.

The tragedy has brought treasure in the city due to the high number of visitors they receive yearly both locally and internationally. Later in 1986, an Art Deco Trust was founded to preserve and protect the city’s unique architectural design. As a tourist, you can experience both tour guided and self-guided walks around the city for you to see the amazing buildings. You can also opt to take a drive in the vintage car tours. They have conference packages for your meetings and also for lovers you can do your wedding in this wonderful city. This is one of the best tourist attractions in the world.

Art Deco

4. Otatara pa

You need to take this historic reserve walk for your adventure in archaeological features and a clear view of the Napier coast from the hills. You will have both fun and learn about the history and culture of the people that lived in Otatara in the ancient days. You will have an opportunity to see the remains of terraces and living places for these communities. This is a good place to learn about the history of Hawkes Bay. The site can also be used for recreational purposes where you can work out by running and at the same time you enjoy beautiful nature views. This place is good for both kids and adults.

5. Sunken garden

This is a hidden treasure that is slightly below the street level, making it unique from its environments. They have beautiful flowers that make it good for picnics and lunch dates. This place has been famous for dates since the 1960s but it was renovated in 2001, making the flower beds and ponds even more beautiful. The sunken garden was formed in 1969 between the seawall and marine parade. It is mostly used by people to relax and meditate about their lives thanks to the beautiful scenery.

sunken garden

Finally, when in New Zealand, make a date to visit these beautiful attractions in Napier and have fun with your family and friends during vacations and holidays.

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