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Croatia is like paradise, with superbly preserved old towns, spectacular beaches, and glistening waters. Situated in southeast Europe, Croatia boasts ten nature parks, eight national parks, and over 1000 islands on 6,000 km of magnificent sun-kissed coastline. The European Commission rates Croatian waters as the purest on earth.

Let me write about my 4 days holiday in Croatia.

Croatia’s Mediterranean location and continental climate results in an abundance of flora and unique fauna, with more than 3000 various species. Some of its exceptional fauna includes wild horses, dolphins, griffon vultures, and brown bears.

In central and east Croatia, enjoy the peacefulness of hilltops and mountains sprinkled with lakes and rivers. Hike for miles in plentiful forests with waterfalls, stunning lake basins, and picturesque mountain peaks. Or relax in secluded coves fringed with pine trees and sparkling turquoise waters. Lose yourself on the charming cobblestone medieval streets full of quaint shops, Byzantine cathedrals, and some cultural attractions that are the most ancient in the world. Savor mouth-watering cuisine at authentic European restaurants and experience home-cooked Croatian culinary cuisine.

The best time to visit Croatia, when prices are lowest, is during May, early June, and September, when the weather is excellent and there aren’t as many tourists.

Day 1: Baska


Our first Croatian stop was Baska, a very old looking resort town located southeast of the island of Krk. It’s popular for its beaches, old churches, and cemetery. Baska is a valley surrounded by eroded mountains and hills and pebble beaches with dazzling crystal waters. Just wear water shoes to avoid stepping on the many sea urchins.

To protect yourself from injury, I recommend investing in some water shoes prior to visiting Baska beach. These will allow you to have a carefree exploration experience. Click on the example below for more information.

For dinner, we went to a seafood restaurant called Bistro Francesca. We tasted exquisite local favourites like scrumptious black seafood risotto and scallops with cauliflower cream.Some of the outdoor activities that we did were rock-climbing and hiking on an 8-mile trail over salt-washed limestone hills to Stara Baska.

Day 2 : Otok Prvic Island and town Krk

On day two, we went to Otok Prvic Island, a small island located in the Kvarner Gulf. This island is covered in olive groves, vineyards, and Mediterranean macchia, with magnificent coves, tranquil bays, and only two small inhabited towns, Sepurine and Prvic.

During the summer, sea surface temperatures ranging from 72° to 82° are ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking. We went snorkeling to discover the fascinating Adriatic Sea life. The bottom of the ocean has a distinctive underwater mountain look with countless submerged caves by the rocky shore. We also saw some corals, as well as yellow and brown sponges. The most typical sea creatures we came across were sea cucumbers, sea urchins, and diverse starfish.

After we went snorkeling, we decided to explore the Frankopan Castle, one of the most amazing historical castles in Krk, built between the 12th and 15th centuries.

krk casle

After a day of explorations, we grabbed a bite to eat at the well-reviewed Restaurant Val, one of many fantastic waterfront restaurants on Prvic Island. The menu was a mix of Mediterranean, seafood, Croatian, and European. We relished the black cuttlefish risotto, which was superb! We also had the rack of lamb with asparagus, topped with creamy goat cheese that was delicious!


Day 3 : Opatija


On day three, we toured the beautiful town of Opatija, one of the most popular tourist cities in Croatia. The beautiful climate, forested hills, fountains, numerous ancient villas, parks, seaside promenades, and swimming areas, are the reason tourists return year after year to this sparkling Adriatic old town.

With only 12,000 residents, Opatija glitters and shimmers at every turn. The most famous statue we saw in Opatija is “Girl with a Seagull,” located in the reef beside Lungomare Promenade.

girl with seagull

One of Croatia’s most acclaimed parks is Angiolina Park in Opatija, which is regarded as the most charming and glamorous park on the Adriatic coast. Because of the Mediterranean climate, there are over 150 different plant species with specimens from South America, Japan, China, and Australia obtained for the garden. After the park, we took a stroll on the gravel paths leading to the alluring Villa Angiolina, a testament to Opatija’s popularity, with wealthy European royalty, famous writers, and musicians that were attracted to it in the 1800s.

Angiolina Park also features the famous “Wall of Fame” that portrays prominent guests to the city, including Robert De Niro and historical celebrities.

In the afternoon, we visited Slatina Beach, located in the center of the town and the town’s most famous beach because, unlike the other rocky shores, this beach was paved over in concrete and had a safe swimming area as well as other watersport activities.

We also came across the “Bronze Statue of Fisherman,” a popular stop for picture-taking.

statue of fisherman

Another major attraction that we went to see during the afternoon was “The Devil’s Grotto,” accessible only through a small underground cave reached by diving underneath the sea’s surface.

Day 4 : Rijeka


Our last day, we visited Rijeka, a harbour town and Croatia’s 3rd largest city, featuring a majestic palace from the Habsburg days.

As we walked down the old town of Korzo main street in town, lined with waterfront cafes and coffee shops, we saw views of the Adriatic since the street runs parallel to the sea.

We then went to visit the Trsat Castle, climbing the grand staircase to reach it with fabulous views along the way. When we reached the top, we sat at this panoramic cafe with spectacular vistas of the Bay of Kvarner.

Towards the end of the day, we went to Rijeka’s main marketplace. 

Rijeka market

Built at the end of the 19th century with fantastic architecture, the marketplace is known for its fish market. It features a variety of different restaurants, bistros, cafes, and bars with a cozy atmosphere and an ethnic flair, presenting seasonal culinary delights prepared with the freshest local produce.

Spending four days in Croatia was one of the best vacations I’ve ever had! With breathtaking glistening clear waters of the ocean, lush mountains, historical monuments at every turn, and delectable food, I will definitely be back!


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