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The Auckland Winter Garden is one of the historic tourist attractions. The treasure was established in the 1900s by a collaboration of Gertrude Jekyll and Edwin Lutyens. It got launched in 1913.

Auckland garden

What you Need to Know About Gertrude Jekyll and Edwin Lutyens

Individuals who are zealous about gardens and were ready to donate their wide variety of plants came up to form the New Zealand Gardens Trust. The members strive to present ancient and modern garden familiarities, as well as designs, to make the organization more elegant.

The Auckland Domain rests in the heart of the town. Discover adorable features such as the war museum and the rolling parklands. As the oldest park in Auckland, it offers ample space that vehicles can drive through. It sits on an ancient crater ring, extending from the Pukekawa volcano.

What does the Fernery offer?

By the left of the middle courtyard exists the entry to the Fernery. You might not recognize it, thanks to the elegant greenhouses that capture the attention of many who visit there. You can identify it among an ancient deserted quarry, where pieces of wooden waste present a pergola-like feature. You can use the path provided to explore the Fernery and the middle area. That way, you can enjoy a different viewpoint, which reveals the magnificence of the garden.

The Fernery offers one of the best tourist destinations, with a quiet environment. It is a perfect way to get away from the city. If you only want to enjoy the atmosphere in the courtyard, then the Fernery is ideal for that.


Discover the Delicacies at the Wintergarden Cafe

Situated near the Auckland City Hospital, the Wintergarden Cafe is a darling to thousands of individuals who frequent the garden. It rests overhead the duck pool, which exists at the heart of the Auckland Domain.

If you are looking for an ideal place to meet and take breakfast, or any other meal, the Wintergarden Cafe is home for that. Children can enjoy the playing field, as you sit by the terrace, or inside the cafe to grab a cup of coffee.

Enjoy the fresh foods from the cafe that cooks within the garden. You can choose your favourite dish from our menu that features a variety of options. We serve you breakfast at any time and any day of the week. What more, the cafe has a menu for the kids too.

Sample Fresh Products From the Kiosk

If you are wondering where to grab some takeaway snakes and coffee for your hiking experience, Wintergarden has your back. The Kiosk stokes a wide selection of fresh products, such as pastries and baguettes, among other delicacies, to make your trip memorable.

With your camping bag packed with an outing blanket, you can purchase snacks at the Kiosk and unwind in the friendliest environment that Auckland Domain has to offer, thanks to the tall trees around. With an ample open area available, children can have the best of their moments, playing and enjoying the view at the duck pool. The Kiosk operates between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm during the summer.

Have fun at the War Memorial Museum

From where the Wintergarden Cafe sits, it takes you around five minutes to get to the War Museum on foot. Countless tourists consider it one of the most attractive sites to visit, and so you should try it as well. The museum opens daily between 10.00 am and 5.00 pm, but it remains closed during Christmas.

The management prioritizes thorough inspection to certify that any publication captures accurate information about every garden. The sites feature judicious standards, and adequate maintenance is a virtue, which helps enhance their elegance all through the year.

Auckland museum

Have you Heard of the Sculpture Walk?

You will have missed out if you do not explore the Domain Sculpture walks. The most reputable artists made incredible efforts to design it. Enjoy a walking experience as you admire eight enormous artistic pieces that exist since 2004 when they got installed.

Auckland museum

Why Spend your Holiday at Auckland Domain Winter Gardens

Domain parks feature loads of fun moments at any season within the year. There are plenty of activities, perfect for the tourists, as well as the locals. If history fascinates you, or if you love animals, then you will adore the experience there. For rugby lovers or those who admire walking, the fun is endless.

The park offers several options to access it. You can enter the Museum from Parnell, at the ASB Tennis ground, or the Grafton. The charges are reasonable, where international tourists pay $25, while children aged between 6 and 14 years pay $10. Kids below five years enjoy all the fun at no cost.

If you are among the museum lovers, you can enjoy a series of galleries, elegant displays, and various events that take place continuously. Enjoy watching birds as you admire the artwork and a volcanic eruption.

On top of all the fun, the Domain Park features a romantic spot named lover’s walk. With your loved one, you can enjoy the beauty of a natural forest, away from the city’s disruptions, as you walk through the perfectly molded hills. The fresh air and the adorable stream, as well as the colour of nature, make the experience irresistible.

Enjoy a magical romantic experience in an environment covered with elegant flowers. What more, you can take beautiful photos during your honeymoon at no extra cost. If you love reading, then there is a quiet atmosphere to relax and tighten the bond between you and your favourite book.

The garden features a perfect mixture of plants in a display that keeps changing, which you can view from either of two stylish houses made of glass. Outside the two structures, there is an elegant yard and a pool.


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