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Meet Jayden

Raised in the beautiful Taranaki, New Zealand I grew up surrounded by glorious nature. From a young age, I spent every moment in the great outdoors, fascinated by the feeling of my senses coming alive on a bushwalk or getting salt spray on my face near the ocean.

Working in Australia for a number of years allowed me to explore the outback, finding beauty well off the beaten track, exploring the detail of the varied natural wonders made me fall deeply in love with this rugged country. 

Thailand, however, was the one that changed it all for me.  My first experience of a completely different culture and cuisine and I completely immersed myself in it, exploring and discovering all I could until it was time to get on the plane.  

From that moment on, I made a promise to myself that my life would not be complete until I had seen everything that this beautiful world has to offer.

Meet Andrea

Born in Hungary, I was also blessed with parents who adored the outdoors and it did not take long for me to realise how in love with nature I was.  I loved the idea of visiting somewhere new, even if it was just a little camp by a river, there was always so much to see. 

My lightbulb moment came the first time I saw the ocean, when I was 17.  I know this probably sounds crazy to many people, but Hungary is landlocked, so there is no ocean to see. I remember standing in the water, the sun warming my face.  I remember looking out over the ocean and wondering what else was out there, how many more experiences like this.  

That began my love affair with Italy.  From standing in the water near Venice I returned many times, discovering tiny towns, regional delicacies and friendly people.  I loved the ancient beauty, the way the towns looked run down, but heart stoppingly beautiful.  

After seeing a little more of Europe I took a chance and went to New Zealand with a friend.  A true adventure, just plane tickets and a vague idea and off we went.  What started as an adventure led to four years in Wellington, a wonderfully relaxed time, learning about the beautiful people and natural wonders of New Zealand.  

After a bought of homesickness, I returned to Hungary, only to find that I no longer felt like I fitted in there.  So, a quick plane trip and my new life in London began.  London was so different than the chilled life I had known in Wellington.  A beautiful city, with a million choices of things to do every day. In London you can see and do anything, meet people from everywhere, but after a year there I pined for a simpler life, something away from a gigantic metropolis. 

So, ten years ago, I flew back to New Zealand and found true happiness in Auckland.  

Andrea and Jayden

And it was in New Zealand that we met and fell in love.  We bonded over many things, but our love for travel was something we shared.  Not just the going different places, but our love for the small things, the tiny details we had both grown to appreciate.  We resolved to pack as much travelling into our lives together as possible, whether on long haul trips around the globe, or just escaping our current day-to-day for a weekend, or even a couple of hours.  

This passion for travel is what has led us to start the Happy Travellers.  We want to share our tips and experiences with you, help people discover the world for themselves, but get a head start from people who have done it before and loved it entirely.  

Share our adventures.  Share our passion.  Become Happy Travellers.