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Mt Taranaki summit

For mountaineers and Crag (rock face) climbers of all levels, New Zealand is a strato-volcanic land that has given rise to amazing peaks. One such climbing experience is Mount Taranaki.

Mount Taranaki is 2518 meter dormant volcano that is located at the base of Egmont National Park. The national park is situated close to the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand. 

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Things to do in Russell

Russell in New Zealand is a seaside town and the oldest European settlement in the country. This breathtaking seaside village is located in the far north of the North Island on a peninsula adjacent to the harbour of Paihia.

For anyone who loves getting one with nature, you should add a visit to Russell to your bucket list. This town is famous for its jaw-dropping views and charm.

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Things To do in Bay of IslandS

Bay of Islands is a group of 144 subtropical islands located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean just off the coast of New Zealand. 

Thanks to its vast beaches, indigenous culture, and big-game fishing industry, the Bay of Islands is considered by many to be one of the most picturesque and exciting retreat locations in the world.

Here is a list of 10 exciting things to do while visiting the Bay of Islands.

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Never Stop Exploring!

Whenever there is a lull in our lives we quickly say to each other, “Let’s do something” or “Let’s go somewhere”.  

This is the jumping-off point to exploring more. We know a host of great sites we use for cheap deals or breaks, we have our packing lists whittled down to essentials so we can get packed in ten minutes and be on the road in fifteen.  Never Stop Exploring!  

There is too much world to discover and beauty in every place.


We are Andrea and Jayden

Travelling is where we can truly be ourselves.  With no pressure from the normal stresses of day to day life, we find ourselves relaxing, taking in the small things, finding time to do all the stuff we want to do in everyday life.  When we come back, we always want to change our lives, to reflect what we saw and be the way we were, but it doesn’t always work out that way. Real-life has a gift for taking over quickly!


Here at the Happy Travellers we quickly realized that this was the case and decided that the only way around this was to travel more.  Time and money are the barriers, but we decided to find ways around this, to travel on a budget, to fit travel into our weekends, evenings and every little space that we could.  Part-time travelling doesn’t mean one or two trips a year, it means holding on to that feeling, exploring more, even if it is in your own city.  


Welcome to The Happy Travellers. Now, let’s get out there and explore! 

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